Game Design


Do you know where the game starts? the graphic arts? The code? Desire to make money?.
All that concept are important, of course but all project start from an idea.

The idea must be worked out as much as possible, all the concepts with the essence of the idea.
You must describe the essence of the game, the history of the world, the characters, objects, every feature have to be formalized on an document that is called game design document(GDD).

The game design is the most important thing in the develop of a game, the goals, the rules and content.The goals are the meaning for which a person play the game, the rules have to be funny for the players keep playing but the game design have to go deeper, it have to motivate the player to move in the direction thought out by the game designer.

The GDD in general talk about certain points like:

  • General information: genre, target audience, similar games, platform, etc.
  • Game overview: history,perspective, rules, mechanics, modes, etc.
  • Gameplay: goal, victory and defeat conditions, controls, physics, economics, levels, etc.
  • Game assets: graphic style, music, sounds, etc.