Game Design

Do you know where the game starts? the graphic arts? The code? Desire to make money?.All that concept are important, of course but all project start from an idea. The idea must be worked out as much as possible, all the concepts with the essence of the idea.You must describe the essence of the game, […]

Game Art

The graphics is the first thing we perceive when see a game and can be decisive if a person would play the game or not, for that fact is important that our game use a cool aesthetic depending of the game style we want. Is good to us to keep a good harmony between the […]


The road to developing a good game is long and tedious but funny! In all this time that we have been developing games we have encountered many difficulties that we have been overcoming, becoming better and better and with more capacities to face new ideas. So if you have an idea for your project, ranging […]


The game industry is in constant evolving and we are too! We keep updating our products to reach as many people as possible adding new modes, characters, levels, etc. Is important to us to stay fresh and keep looking for new ideas based on the feedback that users give us. For that reason we appreciate […]